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The Center for Curiosity (CfC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring the science of curiosity, promoting its practice, and its academic and public advancement.

The Center promotes curiosity to research and practice by conducting workshops, conferences, talks, and other outreach initiatives. The calendar below shows the list of upcoming events and their details.


Past Events

Curiosity: Emerging Sciences and educational innovations

On December 7 & 8, 2018, the Center for Curiosity at Penn SP2 presented a conference titled "Curiosity: Emerging Sciences and educational innovations". It featured 17 guest speakers and interdisciplinary conversations on curiosity among scholars in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, psychology, education, philosophy and beyond. The event highlighted cutting-edge empirical work on curiosity, as well as theoretical and applied innovations that enhanced curious learning.

Science Awareness Week

The Center for Curiosity supports individuals and organizations engaged in experimentation, innovation, and leadership to promote the science and practice of curiosity and its academic and public advancement.

The Virtual Dinner Guest Project - India Pakistan

Students from Curiosity Club, India and Aloo Clan, Pakistan interact over dinner at the The Virtual Dinner Guest Project supported by Campus Diaries.

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