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The Center for Curiosity invites applications for Curiosity Fellows who are interested in undertaking research or advancing curiosity in the educational or public sphere.

Fellowships are currently available in the following areas:

  • Development of white papers on curiosity and its relationship to different disciplines, such as creativity, management, education, neuroscience, behavioral science, psychology, etc.

  • Developing curricular tools to promote curiosity among college and high school students

  • Development of online apps to measure and/or promote curiosity

  • Public advocacy and media initiatives on curiosity

  • The Center is open to all novel and innovative projects that advance and promote curiosity.


To apply for a Curiosity Fellowship:

  • Please submit a one-page letter of inquiry summarizing your interest and background.

  • We will review your request and if we are interested we will contact you, usually within two weeks, to invite you to submit a full proposal and resume.

  • Fellows receive a stipend that varies depending upon their background and scope and time commitment to CfC initiatives. They have had the benefit of CfC’s professional and organizational network


Please send your inquiry to:

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