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Curious about Curiosity

1 thing that all humans strive for in their life- Happiness. It has been proved that curious people tend to be happier.

Recently , I have been studying and reading books on Curiosity. Coming to think about it , Curiosity should be taught in schools to students. Being curious is one of the greatest human traits. But, how should curiosity be taught? Many scientists are researching on it for many years but have no perfect solution.

Hence , I can’t teach you curiosity , but I can tell you some benefits of being a curious person. Curiosity is the central ingredient to creating a fulfilling life. One can only achieve something great in a certain area by being curious about it. With Curiosity , we are able to take challenging tasks and sustain our attention. The goal of our Curiosity system is to add to our existing knowledge and skill.

However, society gets in the way of innocent and courageous exploration between the ages of 15-20.Hence , Curiosity gets destroyed. I believe that curiosity is underestimated and failure is overestimated. In any situation, majority of us always think negative and hence keep a pessimistic view which is synonymous to failure. Curiosity serves as a gateway to what we value and cherish the most. Suppose, John is curious about toy electric planes all through his school years. He studies aviation and physics for many years and succeeds in building an electric airplane which can fly from London to New York with 200 passengers. John’s curiosity in airplanes has led to an amazing innovation. There are less people in the world like John who use their curiosity as an advantage.

Curiosity is the engine of growth-

  1. By being curious, we explore.

  2. By exploring, we discover.

  3. When its satisfying. we are likely to repeat it.

  4. By repeating it, we develop competence and mastery.

  5. By developing competence and mastery, our knowledge and skills grow.

  6. As our knowledge and skills grow, we stretch and expand who we are and what life’s about.

Hence, it is the engine of growth.

Curiosity is also a counterbalance to Certainty. Curiosity creates possibilities; the need for certainty narrows them down. Curiosity creates energy; the need for certainty depletes it. But, if there is mindfulness, there is Curiosity. It provides the calm energy that allows mindfulness to unfold.

A curious person has certain qualities-

  1. INTENSITY-Highly curious people feel more intense feelings of curiosity, interest, and wonder.

  2. FREQUENCY-Curious people feel curious many times in a given day, and the urge to explore and investigate is easily triggered.

  3. DURABILITY-A curious person’s sense of intrigue and desire to explore often endures for lengthier periods of times.

  4. BREADTH AND DEPTH-Curious people are interested in a large span of their world such as their work, relationships, etc. Once a person finds something that captures their interest, depth refers to whether they hold on to that interest and integrate new experiences into their identity.

Its not only intelligence which is the driving force behind a successful person, curiosity plays a vital role too. Hence High Curiosity+ High Intelligence = Best students, workers, etc. It wasn’t only curiosity which made John successful, other factors contributed too. But Curiosity truly is vital and is underestimated too.

Curiosity is the spark behind the spark of every great idea. The future belongs to the curious.



  2. Curious? By Todd Kashdan

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